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The National Human Genome Research Institute provided me information on how genes are linked to Parkinson’s Disease. They sectioned off the article in six different parts, which were listed and linked on the top of the page to allow viewers find specific answers. These six sections are listed: heredity, gene linkage, determining who gets the disease, genetic testing, current research, and additional resources.

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The National Human Genome Research Institute first began as the National Center for Human Genome Research (NCHGR). This research program was initiated in 1989 to facilitate the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the International Human Genome Project (HGP). The HGP was created to map out the entire human genome. To apply genomic technologies to study specific diseases, such as Parkinson’s, they expanded this project in 1993 by creating the Division of Intramural Research. Then in 1996, the Center of Inherited Disease Research (CIDR) was established to study genetically inherited disorders. It wasn’t till a year later that they

renamed the center to the National Human Genome Research Institute. With the human genome complete since April 2003, these institutes are able to dive more deeply into the database to uncover the mysteries of genetic disorders.

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This database enabled me to look up information about the correlation of Parkinson ’s disease to it being a genetically based disorder. I first off used Google and typed in “Genetic Disorders”, which led me to this website. When clicking on the link found it gave me a list of “Specific Genetic Disorders” that are caused by or under investigation of genetic mutation research. Here I was able to look through the list and choose which disorder I wanted to research myself. By clicking on this page I was able to learn more about this disease and how there is a link between genetic mutation.

This page was easy to access and provided different options to look into. This database also covers: Genetic Counseling, Genetic Disorders, Genetic Testing, Genetics Disease Prevention/Treatment, Neglected Diseases, Pharmacogenomics, Rare Diseases and Issues in Genetics Genomics and Health.

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