GOLD Homepage

Figure 1. GOLD homepage

Genomes OnLine Database

GOLD is a resource for "centralized monitoring of genome and metagenome data worldwide" (Pagani, Liolios, Jansson, Chen, Smirnova, Nostrat, Markowitz, Kyrpides). 


Main Page

The main page of this genome database shows tables filled with shortcuts to more specific projects which are "filtered" by topic. There are 4 categories, each with multiple subcategories, on the main table. This table helps narrow down and specifiy what the reader is looking for. An example of the home page can be found in Figure 1. 

4 Categories:

  • Studies
    • Genomic, Metagenomic
  • Biosamples
    • Classification
    • Ecosystems
      • Host-Associated, Engineered, Environmental
  • Projects
    • Complete, Permanent Drafts, Incomplete, Targeted Projects
  • Organisms
    • Archaea, Eukarya, Bacteria 

There is also another link table with other categories such as: Studies, Biosamples, Sequencing Projects and Analysis Projects.

Search Page

Search Drop-Down

Figure 2. Search Drop-down Menu

Each portion of the drop down menu gives an option to "Quick search", "Advanced Search" and "Metadata search" pertaining to the readers topic or searching needs. An example is shown in Figure 2. 
Search page

Figure 3. Search page

If the search tab is clicked on, a page comes up with a table showing different search options. Each of the tabs can complement different needs of the reader, and make the entire database easily accesible. An example of the search page is shown in Figure 3.     History of GOLD This database has been rapidly growing since it's start in 1997. There have been numerous layout updates, along with new information constantly being added and renewed. "As of September 2011, GOLD, now on version 4.0, contains information for 11,472 ongoing and complete genome projects..." (Pagani, Liolios, Jansson, Chen, Smirnova, Nostrat, Markowitz, Kyrpides). 


Pagani, Ioanna, Konstantinos Liolios, Jakob Jansson, I-Min A. Chen, Tatyana Smirnova, Bahador Nosrat, Victor M. Markowitz, and Nikos C. Kyrpides. "Abstract." NCBI. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 30 Nov. 2011. Web. 08 Sept. 2014.