GeneWeaver is a publicly accessible database, which integrates genotype and phenotype information across species, tissues, and experimental paradigms, and allows groups as well as public users to share their data. It is a system that allows users to integrate functional genomics and biological experiments that are based on molecular processes and provides data for a wide range of applications in the arena of functional genomic data integration. It also allows users to integrate gene sets across species, tissue, and experimental platforms. The database stores functional genomics experiments in the form of gene sets, gene set descriptions, and gene set association scores from multiple species.

The gene sets that GeneWeaver uses come from Mocriarray expression studies, Gene Ontology annotations, Text Mining tools, conserved modules, candidate genes, and lists of genes that users find interesting. The databases combines the gene sets at the gene level, and uses homology to compare and relate them to different species, which creates an integrated database. The database makes searching, storing, sharing, and comparing accessible to all users. Furthermore, GeneWeaver proves a single integrated data source for comparative genomics tools, as well as a curated data repository with accompanying analysis tools to enable users to examine similar and distinct results within a large number of related experiments, as well as compare the roles of genes to each of the functions that are assessed in different experiments.


GeneWeaver allows users to assess intersections among all combinations of one or more collections of gene sets, which makes it different from other gene set over-representation analysis tools.

Search for your topic and choose either "gene sets" or "genes":

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Choose which filters, tiers, and species to find exactly what type of resources you are searching for:

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Choose the geneset:

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You will be given details and analysis on the next page:

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The search options allow to you find more online databases with information about your topic, as well as information about subject:


The Ontological Discovery Environment powers GeneWeaver. Currently, it consists of over 80,000 genes from seven different species that were taken from gene expression microarrays, RNA-sequencing experiments, QTL mapping and GWAS, mutation and perturbation screen, and curated biological relationships. GeneWeaver also includes other useful data resources like the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF), which is an inventory of online global neuroscience. It includes experimental, clinical and translational neuroscience databases, as well as other materials, such as atlases and genetic and genomic resources, and tools that can be accessed through any device that is connected to the Internet. NIF allows for advances in neuroscience research by making access to data and tools, as well as hidden content available to the public worldwide through an open source and networked environment.

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