The Candida genome database is a resource for genomic sequence data, gene, and protein information for Candida albican's and related species. The Candida genome database (CGD) is based on the Saccharomyces genome database and funded by the NIH. The database is a useful tool for researchers who want to look up any protein or pathway relating to different strains of the Candida species.

Overview Edit

The CGD is a user friendly website that makes it easy to search for specific Candida related topics. The first tab, "search" allows you to easily look up keywords in scientific articles, you can also do advanced searches for phenotypes or other chromosomal features. "GBrowse" provides you a detailed genome map of the main Candida species. It uses an interactive software to easily pick a location in the genome and find a specific gene, once you find a gene you can click on it to get more information and related literature. The Search tab allows you search, analyze, and download sequence information from the Candida genome database. "GO" or Gene Ontology was a project developed to compare genes across different organisms, it started as a collaboration between Saccharomyces genome database, FlyBase for drosophila, and Mouse Genome Informatics. Lastly the "Tools" tab allows the user to quickly look up phenotypes, pathways, or BLAST searches in a convenient manner.

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Home page

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In order to look up a gene for more information you would use the gene/sequence resources under the sequence tab. Click on "locus info" and then you will arrive at a summary page of the gene. From this page you can navigate other tabs such as the "phenotype" where you can find mutant phenotypes associated with the gene. It also provides details on the experiment it was used in as well as the original article. These pages are manually curated, meaning that employees at the database organized these results, greatly expediting the search process for future researchers looking for detailed genomic data.

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Phenotype page for GPR1 gene

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GPR1 gene with related information

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