Assignment 2 details:Edit

  1. Create a wikia page descibing a publicly-accessible database that covers some aspect of genetics, genomics or metagenomics.
  2. Provide a useful introduction to the contents of the database, its utility, and its history.
  3. Provide one or more specific examples (with screenshots) of how the database is used to look up particular information.
  4. Graduate students: Identify one or more research projects in which this database has been used, and provide citations to that work from the primary literature.
  5. Place a link to your new wiki contribution on this page.

Links to 2014 student contributions:Edit

  1. [1]MMDB Molecular Modeling Database from Daniel Ridge
  2. RegulonDB from Tim Tomko
  3. NCBI Influenza Virus By GenomeGnome
  4. Protein Data Bank from Brittany Carroll
  5. National Human Genome Research Institute: Parkinson's Disease by SamiRajkowski
  6. PubMed Health: Publicly-Accessible Database for Variety of Health/Genetic Topics by Carter Cramer
  7. Gene by Cdustin
  8. GeneWeaver from Kjeevapr
  9. The database of Genotypes and Phenotypes from Annahill
  10. BLAST(Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) from PChrisopher
  11. NCBI Gene Database from Jdhawe
  12. Pathogen Portal Database from Dgrzenda
  13. NCBI Clone Database from Spaisley
  14. Rare Diseases Database from Sarah Ross
  15. UCSC Genome Browser from Ohayres
  16. NCBI Nucleotide Database from Jonjoffe
  17. Genomes OnLine Database from Cconchie
  18. NEBcutter V2.0 by Sam Bobowski
  19. NCBI Epigenomics Database by Alice Peng
  20. Candida Genome Database from Dspitzer
  21. EMBL-EBI from Tjjohns
  22. NCBI Genome from Rlheureu
  23. RefSeq from Mjstuart
  24. NCBI GEO from Nredmond
  25. Experimental Atlas from Daniel.Burukhin
  26. Online Mendelian Inheritance In Men (OMIM) from ScottMorin
  27. NCBI Protein Database from Daniel Moroney
  28. from Gaelin Kopec-Belliveau
  29. European Bioinformatics Institute by Ben Adamik
  30. Maize Genetics and Genomics Database by Chelsea Robbins